SOCIB Seaboard

Seaboards are single ‘dashboard’ visualizations of the real time and forecast ocean data currently provided by SOCIB, from different coastal and ocean monitoring locations around the Balearic Islands.

A specific set of Seaboards has been designed for the tourist sector and these are now installed in several collaborating hotels, providing useful real-time information about the ocean and coastal state, as well as knowledge about science based beach management and environmental preservation.

SOCIB, the Balearic Islands Coastal Observing and Forecasting System, is an initiative to provide real time coastal and ocean data products and services in response to international science priorities and to respond to pressing society needs, such as beach erosion, sea level rise, and climate variability etc. Through this we contribute to the development and implementation of new technologies and enhance our capacity to sustainably manage our interaction with the coastal and open ocean.

List of seaboard locations